Fade Stretch Marks

by on June 17, 2010

Fade Stretch Marks

Looking at those ugly stretch marks every day is really an eyesore. After trying all those creams and lotions that you bought it seems that nothing’s changed. Using cover up makeups to hide them, on the other hand, is tedious work.

Over the years, trying to cover up stretch marks has been a challenge for us. Although some treatments can actually fade stretch marks they can’t be totally erased (without surgery). Some say regular use of cocoa butter on the affected areas can fade stretch marks. Certain moisturizing creams also have a positive effect when it comes to lightening the dark spots. But in reality, we can only mask, camouflage, cover and hide those skin imperfections.

Not all of us know how to use a concealer on the face, and wouldn’t dare try on stretch marks. Others can’t find the right shade for them because of their skin tone, so they have to blend it with another makeup, and sometimes it ends up looking unnatural.

To fade stretch marks you have to regularly apply a stretch mark cream that’s right for your skin to avoid irritation and making it worse. Buying and using the wrong product on your skin can sometimes burn it and make the scar darker.

So, I suggest before applying an over-the-counter cream, that you do a quick skin test first. Put a small amount on any concealed part of your arm and wait for any adverse effects. If there are none, then you can use it as directed.

But for a fast and effective result you do not have to wait for those scars to fade. Use an Airbrush Makeup Kit. A few sprays on the area can give you a natural finish. You don’t even have to worry about smudging and irritation. Airbrush makeup can last for up to 12 hours and it won’t clog your pores no matter how sensitive your skin.

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