Cover Stretch Marks With Makeup

by on June 14, 2010

Cover Stretch Marks With Makeup

Women have fast-paced lives and it’s a necessity to buy the right brand of makeup to achieve a flawless glow nowadays. It’s already a fact that putting on makeup is part of our daily routine. I myself can’t go out of the house without dusting powder on my face or applying lipstick at the least.

I can’t really imagine a world without makeup for us women. Just the thought of it is already giving me a scare. And now, we’ve discovered makeup has yet another use. It’s commonly used to cover stretch marks. Yes, you read that right: our familiar friend, makeup, is now for covering up stretch marks too!

It may sound a bit absurd, but using makeup to cover stretch marks helps a lot of women to wear those clothes that they’ve been wanting to wear. Girls, don’t get too excited, the same rule still applies. The make-up should match your skin tone and you shouldn’t overdo it. Apply only the right amount on the scars for a natural look. And you might need a few touch-ups every now and then.

Covering stretch marks with makeup can conceal those imperfections as long as you use it right. Don’t forget, some makeups are not waterproof so you can’t do something that will make you sweat or you will surely have smudgy skin.

But, why worry? If you want a better alternative that lasts without touch-ups, then get yourself an Airbrush Makeup Kit. Some of you might already be using one for your day to day makeup application. It’s so easy to use which makes any application a breeze. And you can maintain that natural flawless coverage for up to 12 long hours.

Now, you can flaunt your assets any day and any time.

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